English Pronunciation: Issues and Practices (EPIP)
Proceedings of the First International Conference

Edité par: Alice Henderson
Type: Actes de colloque
Collection: Langages  
Numéro: 9
Langue: anglais
Éditeur: Éditions de l’université de Savoie
Support: Livre broché
ISBN-10: 2-915797-73-0
ISBN-13: 978-2-915797-73-2
ISSN: 1952-0891
Nb de pages: 246
Format: 15 x 23 x 1,4 cm
Année de publication: 2010
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This book is the fruit of the first English Pronunciation: Issues & Practices (EPIP) conference, which took place at the University of Savoie, France, in June 2009. Researchers and teachers from sixteen different countries came together to discuss: phonetic variations and phonological changes; varieties, identity and their implications for teaching; and the use of new technologies in research and in the classroom.

Table of Contents

Alice Henderson

Pronunciation Preferences

A corpus-based study of phonological free variation in English
José Mompéan

British English pronunciation preferences: Research by ‘indirect’ questionnaire
Mohamed Benrabah

Native & Non-native Learners

The perception of word stress in English and French: Which cues for native English and French speakers ?
Dan Frost

The effect of task on the pronunciation of English high front vowels by Japanese learners
Rika Aoki

An empirical study of individual differences in L2 oral proficiency: What makes native-like speakers special ?
Tanja Angelovska

Teaching Issues

Speaking of speech: Developing metalanguage for effective communication about pronunciation between English language teachers and learners (Plenary)
Helen Fraser

Phonology and Moodle: Enhancing pronunciation through learning platform-based training ?
Angela Hahn

Pronunciation teaching materials in Finnish EFL textbooks
Elina Tergujeff

Temporal parameters in the implementation of the voicing contrast in English spoken by Poles: A pedagogical perspective
Arkadiusz Royczyk

The pedagogical implications of variability in transcription: The case of [i] and [u]
Sophie Herment

Looking to the Future

How could English truly become a new Latin ?
Sylwia Scheuer

The PhonBank initiative and second language phonological development: Innovative tools for research and data sharing (Plenary)
Yvan Rose 

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English Pronunciation: Issues and Practices

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